THURSDAY 26/06/2025 Spinning® Blind Date Bingo

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Join us for an unforgettable kickoff to the Spinning Blind Date Bingo event on the enchanting island of Gozo! Day one is all about socializing, excitement, and fun. The festivities begin with a lively bingo game, where participants will have the chance to mingle and make new friends in a relaxed and playful atmosphere.

As the bingo games progress, get ready for a twist with our thrilling blind date show! 

The evening will culminate in a delightful culinary experience featuring traditional Gozitan cuisine. Savor the rich flavors and unique dishes that highlight the island's gastronomic heritage.

To top it all off, enjoy a stunning fashion show that will showcase both modern and traditional attire, bringing together the vibrant culture and contemporary flair of Gozo.

Don't miss this perfect blend of socializing, games, food, and fashion on the first day of our experience!